Outnumbered [official video]

Seattle's Jonny Sonic pays tribute to an American tragedy and celebrates a growing global movement with "Outnumbered," the first single and music video from his upcoming fourth album, The Octagon Sessions.

The "Outnumbered" music video juxtaposes a memorial to murdered LGBTQ+ people from Orlando to Stonewall with 2016 Pride Parade footage of the band in Seattle. Paired with the song's communal call-to-action (”We’ll be our own saving grace.”), the resulting montage functions as a multimedia summer anthem that is both a deeply felt tribute and an ecstatic vision of a better tomorrow.

The video and single will release simultaneously July 2016 on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and at http://jonnysonic.com. Jonny Sonic & His Phenomenensemble will support the release of "Outnumbered" with a handfull upcoming summer shows around Seattle culminating with HempFest on August 20th.

100% of the proceeds from purchases, streams, and donations will benefit the Orlando Victims Fund sponsored by Equality Florida Action, Inc — which provides direct support for victims' families and survivors of the Pulse mass execution in Orlando, Florida June 12, 1016.

Once again, love wins.

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