My corner in time (yip yap)

I bet there’s something wrong my life’s TV set.
Because my grit just got grittier, and my shit just got shittier.
I need to take these here rabbit ear inhibitors and get the fuck rid of ya.
Because everything just seems so menacing and illing;
It’s like I ain’t got no dentist for my fillings.
And now my feelings are swelling, for real.
I just need a shot of penicillin or any other synonyms for medicine.
Please, fill me up!
Can ya fill me up?
Because I’m losing my house to the bank while I’m filing for unemployment.
My water’s turned off.
My car’s broke.
And I’m just looking for some enjoyment.
I’m on fire with desire to just coddle my kids again in Michigan.
I try to be a model citizen, but hit the bottle full-throttle and lost the handle on my shit again.
But I can smoke to forget.
Ah yes, I can smoke some weed to forget.
But, some days I smoke so much I forget what I was trying to forget.
And then I’m like: “Oh shit, welcome to the grit.”
It’s been a rough couple months, I’ve been down in the dumps, shoot…
I was gonna skip this show and just stay at home in my coop.
Because here I need my words to be real big and I wasn’t sure I could I bring them big enough.
But, sometimes it’s my friends’ well-timed small words that can turn my salt into sugar puffs.
If I just open my ears and listen, my friends fill my ears with their wisdom.
And I let it start sizzling and then it sinks in and resonates my new spectrum of vision.
Olivia said, “There’s no words or music that can possibly describe what it’s like to feel alive (sic) in our corner in time.
But, it’s not just the music I play, 
It’s not just the words I say.
It’s my peeps: my connections,
It’s with whom I share this stage.
That’s why I’m up on this stage again, 
With my friends again, with their instruments.
Yeah, my life’s got all these incidents
And my logistics ain’t simplistic.
But, I don’t want to go around whining again, 
Wasting all my bands’ time again,
Making you all start playing me violins
So you can appreciate the climate I’m in.
Just a few years ago we almost lost our friend, Chris.
And now, he’s got his new baby Vera to kiss.
That’s some shit I gotta keep inside when I start to lose my grip.
When my bridge starts crumbling, build another one.
Quit fumbling with the pieces.
Stay humble.
Stop grumbling.
Let my hounds of the leases!
And, fuck a predicament, I’m sick of being inhibited by it!
So yeah, LuLu:
I can’t write words or music that could possibly describe what it’s like to feel alive in my corner in time.
But, I’ll be godamned if I quit trying.

Live at El Corazon, Seattle WA 2/15/2015

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