We got new www digs

We got new WWW digs...

It was great timing wrapping up an album and getting ready to promote it then realizing the server our website was on was hacked (and the systems that ran jonnysonic.com email and file sharing for band members and press)!   I was suprised to see an email from the FBI Cyber Squad in my inbox asking about DDos attack from my domain.   Things have been ironed out now, and you reading this means we got our our new shiny website coded up and moved to a new (more secure) server in the cloud.   

Check out some of the new features: like browsing lyrics by category or listening to curated playlists based on genre and intensity.   Woot!

Here's some snippets from the correspondence from the FBI:


Good afternoon,

I'm investigating a recent DDoS attack and I tracked an IP address back to JonnySonic.com which participated in the attack. I'm guessing that web server is compromised with malware. Do you manage the website or could you put me in touch with the person that does?


I found your IP in the victims’ logs and used reverse DNS to trace it back to your site, but it could be anything on the server and not necessarily the jonnysonic site.
For us to take an image, we could send a guy out to meet you in person and you’d have to give him access. If you know how to though, then we’d just send some guys out to pick up the image. What city/state are you located in?

Justin Dian
Special Agent
Cleveland Division - Cyber Squad 1
Federal Bureau of Investigation

  • Caretaker official video
    Caretaker official video

    Jonny Sonic releases new video for "Caretaker" from The Octagon Sessions

  • Lucky Chops with Jonny Sonic, Chop Suey
    Lucky chops with jonny sonic chop suey

    Getting funky at the Chop

  • Haiku in the spirit of sonic
    Haiku in the spirit of sonic


  • Internet: meet the Octagon
    Internet meet the octagon

    New album available on all streaming music services.

  • The Making of The Octagon Sessions
    The making of the octagon sessions

    Go behind the scenes for our solar-powered album

  • We got new WWW digs...
    We got new www digs

    Jonny Sonic website hacked!

  • Doom Funk Halloween Party (Octagon Sessions CD Pre-Release)
    Doom funk halloween party octagon sessions cd pre release

    CD Release Party for new album, Octagon Sessions, at the Doom Funk Halloween Party

  • Fin! T-minus zero
    Fin new album

    Mixing and mastering complete!

  • Getting naughty, professor-style, at the Tractor
    August 3, Tractor
    Getting naughty professor style at the tractor

    A night of solid of funk and groove

  • Jonny Sonic at the HotSpot Stage at Waterfront Seattle
    Saturday, July 22
    Jonny sonic at the hotspot stage at waterfront seattle

    I can see the Ferris Wheel!

  • We're back at the Southside Social!
    Saturday, July 15
    Were back at the southside social

    Camping + music + friends + shenanigans = Southside Social. Woot!

  • Happy Pride! Outnumbered Official Video
    Happy pride outnumbered official video

    Once again, love wins.

  • Jonny Sonic at Sunset in Ballard
    Saturday, July 8
    Jonny sonic at sunset in ballard

    Check out the new sounds of the new get down.

  • The Skints wsg Jonny Sonic
    June 20
    The skints wsg jonny sonic

    JS to support some of the slickest reggae grooves from the other side of the pond

  • Jonny Sonic at Columbia City Theater
    Saturday, May 13
    Jonny sonic at columbia city theater

    Happy to participate in the debut show for Goldnwolf!

  • JS with Actionesse and CNMC
    Saturday, March 25
    Js with actionesse and cnmc

    Shoulder-to-shoulder madness at the High Dive in Fremont

  • Highsteppers, Jonny Sonic, and The Ten Man Brass Band
    January 12
    Highsteppers jonny sonic and the ten man brass band

    Probably should buy new shoes for this

  • It's not cold in here
    December 3
    Its not cold in here

    JS-Buzz-The Femmes

  • Republican't

    For the sake of the republic that we're all living in.

  • Jonny Sonic at THE ONLY PARTY
    Jonny sonic at the only party

    It's getting hot in here...

  • Black Friday special edition release: "BUY EVERYTHING" video
    Black friday special edition release buy everything video

    Thank God for the Media to tell me what I need!

  • Jonny Sonic at HempFest, Seattle
    Jonny sonic at hempfest seattle

    The JS big band gonna give you a contact high

  • We're packin up
    Were packin up

    Ready to embark on solar powered recording mission, round #2.


    EP with four stylistically differing takes on one break-up song.

  • Trigger Fatigue
    Trigger fatigue

    I'm so sick and tired of hearing about guns

  • The Grit Deluxe Edition -- remixed
    The grit deluxe edition remixed

    F@#! THE GRIT!

  • Brass n' beats, and friends n' mountains, and music n' music n' music..
    Brass n beats and friends n mountains and music n music n music

    Another Paradiso Music Festival in the books

  • All aboard the Funk Engine
    All aboard the funk engine

    Miles takes the FUNK ENGINE abroad...

  • Cy Tru remixes Jonny Sonic acapella for BSOTS show drop
    Cy tru remixes jonny sonic acapella for bsots show drop

    I urge y'all to purge y'all harddrives...

  • SGL hosts Buskerdoozie stage, invites Jonny Sonic to join in the madness
    Sgl hosts buskerdoozie stage invites jonny sonic to join in the madness

    Jonny gets to play at Sasquatch with his homies

Jonny Sonic got piles of stylesWhat's your vibe?

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