Shift cover

Jonny Sonic releases SHIFT

Seattle, November, 2015 — After three albums delivering heavy, horn-driven, crowd-pleasing funk and soul to stages across the Pacific Northwest, Jonny Sonic and the Phenomenensemble release SHIFT, which demonstrates a new studio vibe for the band. With four stylistically differing takes on one beautiful break-up song, SHIFT foregoes the usual angst and heartache common in songs about broken relationships and instead explores a palette of varying complex emotions of separation.  The lyrical perspective is a gracious voice that's more thankful for time well spent than spiteful about love gone wrong.

Digital Release: November 17, 2015 (iTunes, Spotify, AmazonMP3, Rhapsody, Rdio, Google Play) Release Show: Seattle November 14, 2015 (Conor Byrne)

1. Midnight
Midnight changes to a new day immediately without hesitation. Shifting from somber, reflective, and lacking to urgent and convincing,  Midnight mixes minimalistic piano and flugelhorn in a haunting ballad for the wee hours.

2. Twilight
The second twilight transitions deep night into early morn in a swirled haze. Shifting from confusing, wrenching, and unsettling to dreamy and fading, Twilight weaves electro-beats and percussive tweaks into a thoughtful dance track.

3. Dawn (featuring Kitty Camaro)
Dawn progressively awakens from darkness into realized light. Shifting from a sense awakening, and immediacy to a hopeful, Zen-like, cooperative  finale, Dawn boasts an eight-piece horn section and gender-swapped female lead.

4. Dusk
Dusk settles and calms stimulation. Shifting from contemplative to acceptance and understanding, Dusk works as the sonic electro-acoustic coda to this exploration of loss, and remembrance.