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Jonny Sonic releases "Say it again without your mouth full"

Ladies & Gentlemen — stop! lo! and listen! to the groundbreaking sound of the new eclecticism! After disappearing into the urban wilderness, Seattle's Rick Kowal re-emerges once again as Jonny Sonic. The product is SAY IT AGAIN WITHOUT YOUR MOUTH FULL, a huge stew of horn-driven funk riffs, succulent beat-mastery, touches of hip-hop, traces of trip-hop, and (alas! and alack!) Bob Marley’s seminal "Get up, Stand Up" — all told, a 16-track opus of elastic, electro-acoustic punch. Spiked.  Just listen.

Who can say why Kowal chose to moonlight as Jonny Sonic; it's a minor miracle that he even found the time.  As HandPicked Entertainment's producerat-large, Kowal juggles a pile of production and remix requests, recently re-imagining tracks for lamb (U.K.), VFX (NY), the Twilight Babies (Detroit) and the Fading Collection (Seattle), while producing six full-length albums by other artists in 2009 alone.

But why rest there? As guru and impresario of Black Vegas Studio, Kowal is an unabashed corporate whore: composing, performing or producing commercial spots for VH1, LG, Chevron, Dr. Pepper, Toys'R'Us, Chase, BMW, Yaz, and Starbucks with the Thwak, Inc. Music Company in New York; working with Clive Davis Productions on a track to promote the I Dream of Jeannie movie; scoring for the J Mendel (Paris) fashion show in NYC, which aired on the Fashion Channel; and producing the "Beat the Dare" remix for MTV's Real World, "India Extreme" for the Discovery Channel's documentary "Streetkids," and a fistful of radio spots to boot.

The pre-release of the first single, Datenight, was featured as the free song of the day on the Amazon MP3 homepage in April, and became the highest R&B featured download for the month of April.

The live Jonny Sonic line-up is power-packed with so much energy, Fishbone feels old.  Big drums, huge horns, thumping electronics, and passionate vocals turns heads, then makes them bob.  We at HandPicked bristle with anticipation.