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Jonny Sonic releases: "Octagon Sessions"

I usually get a promoter to write a press release with all the “Rah-Rah! Jonny Sonic! Did this, did that..!”   But this time I thought I’d write it myself.   I had an idea that I thought would be fun to try and pull off: take eight horn players and a drummer, and write a collection of songs each with a different horn-arrangement technique, a different vocal style, and a different production method.   And what about recording with solar power?   Summon the troops, scoot out to the Olympic Peninsula, sneak off-the-grid, load up the batteries, strip down the gear, be at the mercy of the sun, make some art with my best friends…

We made Octagon Sessions, 11 tracks recorded using solar-power on the border of the National Forest, headquartered at an eight-sided structure aptly called The Octagon.   Some songs have lush full chords, some jam the horns through guitar pedals for distorted rock riffs, some were recorded outside, in the middle of the night, with giant reverb off of nearby Mount Elinor.   All were recorded with a finite power supply harvested from the sun.  As with past Jonny Sonic albums, the subject matter of the lyrics roams from song to song, from urban decay, politics, and media over-exposure to LGBTQ+ rights, end-of-life care, and split single-parenthood.

The first video and single are called Caretaker.   The song puts a poignant, spoken-word-style vocal over an orchestral horn arrangement, and it’s the Jonny Sonic song that makes the most people cry — me, my bandmates, friends and fans alike.  We shot the video at in the Olympic National Forest, and it proved to be quite a rewarding day.   The Caretaker remix will be released and a string-quartet version will follow soon. There’s a slew of new videos and remixes in the works — to be released over the upcoming months in support of Octagon Sessions — so please stay tuned…

Thanks for reading this far, for listening to the album and/or watching the video.  And thanks for supporting independent music.

Much love,
Jonny Sonic