LukewarmSay it again without your mouth full

I thought we thought the same,
I thought we agreed to be on the same page,
But now the page is turning and I'm learning to count our numbered days.

We keep trudging along.
We keep plodding along.
We keep spinning around and losing our sound and fighting for our sanity.
Why can't it be all we ever planned it to be.

See I make tunes, then I produce it.
Then I get my friends to play my music.
What could better? I can't refuse it.
Can't never take for granted, can't never abuse it.
It's up to me to steer it and sear it with my spirit.
I had much fun, though you'll probably never hear it.
But that's fine.
If you took the time to get to this line, thank you.

Words and music by Jonny Sonic