The grit  cover

UpgradeThe GritJonny Sonic

I think I need to upgrade my shit.
Time for a little maintenance.

I think I need to upgrade my life, which means upgrade my wife to my ex-wife.
But that's alright because now I can do what I like in the night.
I don't mean no disrespect, see; because, in her mind she thinks she upgraded me.
And we're both right.
When the bread gets stale, you throw it out, right?
The change is nice.

I think I need to upgrade my studio, throw out the shit I had ten years ago.
Giving lessons during sessions.
The Jetsons think I'm from the future, though.
Upgrade how I hear my funk.
Put two twelves down in my trunk.
Gotta keep it low down in the sludge,
Because some days I can barely trudge on.

Fuck the grit.