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All songs written and arranged by Jonny Sonic
Produced by Rick Kowal except Twilight - produced by Rick Kowal and John Massey

The Coop Resident:
Jonny Sonic - vocals, beats, bass, keys, tweaks

The Guest Residents:
Kitty Camaro - additional vocals on all tracks
Lip Service by Sunshine - trumpets & flugelhorn, additional vocals on Twilight and Dawn
Tacket Brown - acoustic drums
John Massey - beats and tweaks on Twilight
Emily Perez - baritone saxophone on Dawn
Olivia Guinn - baritone saxophone on Dawn
Stanley Pierce - tenor saxophone on Dawn
Lizz Fay - tenor saxophone on Dawn
Scott Bloom - sousaphone on Dawn
Brasswax - trumpet on Dawn
Chris Cullman - strings on Dusk
Miles Ward - tuba on Dusk

Live Stage Residents:
Erik Chillman - keys
Chris Cullman - bass

Recorded and mixed by Rick Kowal at Black Vegas Studio (Seattle)
Drums and Dawn horns recorded at Spaghetti Fire Productions (Seattle)
Additional engineering Tacket Brown and Chris Cullman
Mastered by Chief Sc!ence (Seattle)