Octagon sessions  cover

OutnumberedOctagon SessionsJonny Sonic

If you keep all your blinders up,
You're gonna find yourself
On the wrong side of history.
You'll miss the beat.
As we march right past you.

If you keep all your blinders up,
You're gonna find yourself 
On the wrong side of the fence.
With beliefs so past tense.
We're going to march right past you. 

Love wins, love conquers hate.
We'll be our own saving grace.

It's disappointedly amazing.
Some folks got brains like raisins.
Hearts with no patience laced with hatred
Disguised as sacred propitiation.
They're outdated.
Soon to be outnumbered.

You better check yourself before you wreck all ourselves.
It's been too long caught up in your mess.
What’s next?

The future will be televised.
The future will be criticized.
The future will be advertised.
The future can't be polarized.

Make no exception for acceptance.
We're not put here to judge.
Time for the bullies to budge.
Time for the lovers to love.

Walk strong!
March pride!
Fill streets!
Hold signs!
Soon we'll outnumber!