Mixed Menageries

I love this band so hard. Unique, surreal, TRUTH, and every bit of stellar. I feel like the world doesn't have this kind of music anywhere and I never thought I'd ever hear anything like it. Well... in Seattle there's plenty of Jonny Sonic. One of a kind. If this music doesn't make your ass bounce and make your face weird, I don't know what you're wasting your time listening too. They provide such a jazzy, upbeat, soulful, eclectic, sunshine meets a supernova, array of sounds. His lyrics are thought out and provoking to the mind. Jonny (Rick Kowal) dominates such an amazing stage presence one can't help but to get weird with him.

The rest of the bandmates, as a team, flow and work with such a familial dynamic it's heartwarming to see the chemistry unfold on stage. While I'll always suggest buying their music, I'm going to strongly suggest you see them live. Especially for people who just listen to radio drivel. Get up off your ass and go see people who actually hone their crafts and play a plethora of instruments ranging from tubas, saxophones, trumpets, drums, and whatever in the hell I'm leaving out. They never fail to keep me entertained and it's just like fucking Christmas.

I love you guys.

Lady DeviantMixed Menageries